Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Oh, to be so carefree

As he vacations in Hawaii, our movie star governor casually proposes that the rest of the California legislature work part-time and take a hike, oops, I mean a break. Maybe they could do what other part-time state legislative people do, meaning let ALEC craft their legislation for them. Then he wouldn't have to fight so hard to get his way in the state legislature. Wouldn't that be really cool. Not.
    ALEC's success is in part due to the reality that forty-one state legislatures are only in session on a part-time basis and 33 states have no paid legislative staff to speak of. Since the number of bills they consider often overwhelms legislative aides ALEC's "model" bills and "packets of background information on key issues" becomes a handy shortcut to understanding a wide range of state issues.
Now, to be sure, he hasn't said a word about ALEC. Sometimes my mind does wander a bit and makes a few loose connections that may be worth a read.