Sunday, April 04, 2004

Sign of importance

But it's unfortunate that growing pains are this wild and woolly. Regarding this whole to-do, it's definitely a sign the Dailykos and Markos have attained a new level of significance: he got dissed big time by the right-wingers. Hey, they took him extremely seriously. If he wasn't such an important player, this would not have happened.

No problem here with what Markos wrote. As part of the give and take of opinions anywhere, what counted to me was the process: the words were retracted and explained in context. I didn't get the big deal. And I have a different opinion, as it stands.

On the other hand, this whole thing makes me wonder that maybe it's not coincidence that this week, a certain heavy-weight blog might have been displaced from the number one spot by dKos. I don't even want to think it could be insecurity. Let's not go there.

But, still, can we have discourse without having to resort to using, what we say at grade school, your potty mouth? And I'm not talking about progressive bloggers, by the way.