Tuesday, April 06, 2004

But I still loathe to link them

I'm glad to see our local paper, the LA Times, honored with so many Pulitzers. Their prizing winning Wal-mart articles made a huge difference (let's see how long this link stays good...maybe they'll keep it up longer than their usual chintzy one week stint). Many of our friends now refuse to patronize the store.

Now it's time for the LATimes to become start acting more like a world class newspaper and be a better netcitizen. As it stands, I search the web to see if I can find a link to another paper since the LA Times locks up their stuff after a week. If I could get away with it, I would absolutely refuse to link any LA Times article.

I'm presuming that LA Times really wants to be taken seriously. And what better way to get respect would be to provide access to their must-read articles. So if they truly are a first class newspaper, which they imply they might be in the middle of their self-congratulatory hoopla, I hope they will consider a change to their online article policy. Contact LA Times here, if you'd like. (I'm not sure about department but I chose the opinion/editorial section).