Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Hired gun

Regarding the runaway school board in Westminster, the most revealing quote is made by Mark Bucher:
    Bucher acknowledged that, with hardly any previous experience in education law, he was hired as a mercenary of sorts. But he insisted that he was qualified to stay on at the district — at least for now.

    "I certainly did what I was hired to do. I don't think I would have been the most qualified to come in and just represent the district, but there was this issue and it was certainly the most pressing," he said.
Not only is he the hired gun, it looks as though he's got a whole slew of coordinated allies behind the scenes, including a local City Councilman and a state Assemblyman.
    Far from satisfied with Monday's victory, Bucher now wants the state policy changed to reflect Westminster's. While Bucher said he has no political aspirations and does not plan to take the fight to Sacramento himself, he would be eager to assist.
I think it's not a small coincidence that plans are to take this to the state. What's next? The world?

Parent activist Jim Morey says it best.