Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Calif. voters listen to the pied piper, approve $15B bailout plan

Digby said it the best but I sure don't like waking up to seeing things like this:
    "I love it when the people go to the polls and they flex their muscles and they let their voices be heard," Schwarzenegger said at a rally Tuesday, a month after public opinion polls had all but declared his $15 billion proposition dead.
Help us, looord have mercy. It's amazing what a movie star can do. Actually, more like scary.

As for the measure I really wanted to see pass, the K-12 education bond, Prop 55 looks too close to call. As of this writing, approval is at 50.6%. Prop 55 requires a majority to pass but absentee voter ballots are not yet counted.

Proposition 55: 50.6% Yes, LA Times says it passed.
Proposition 56: 34.1% Yes Didn't pass

Arnold's propositions wins by a landslide.
Proposition 57: 63.3% Yes
Proposition 58: 71.0% Yes