Monday, March 01, 2004

Volunteering in the class

Monday is my day to volunteer in the kindergarten class. A luxury, I know, and it's something my kindergartener looks forward to every week. "My momma is here!". I swear, each time I leave, I am wiped out, ready for a nap and completely ready to show my obeisance to the teacher. Shall I bow down and say "I am not worthy" three times. My, god, how does she deal with 20 wriggly, squirmy kids who for the most part have the attention span of a ...kindergartener.

My first task in the beginning of the year was to go through a math workbook, in groups of five. Five. And every week, total chaos unsued at my table, the noisiest, rowdiest corner in the whole room. Obviously, little bodies are not meant to sit in little chairs for a very long time. And they don't. They fall out of the chairs onto the floor or even onto the table, but don't ask me how that happens. I was getting motion sickness from all the movement around the table.

Needless to say, I'm now demoted to working with two kids at a time, catching up on unfinished classwork. Last time, I had one very sweet boy on one side, who needed to practice his g's. I know it's hard to work on upper and lowercase g's when the room is so noisy and filled with activity but he got through it. During this time, the wriggly boy on my left wrote "I like sex" on his work, then began waving his paper like a flag in my face while he bounced up and down in his seat. Seriously, I downplayed it, of course, and showed it to the teacher later. Next, he told me he "loooooooves violent movies", as he banged his head on the table a few times. We did get through most of his work before I had to escape, oops, leave for home.