Sunday, August 03, 2003

A Gratitude List

Was a planet in retrograde this week? Since it was a strange week for me, I'm going to end it with a quick gratitude list (aack; looks like I'm beginning this week with one):

For Bill Moyers and his show, NOW. This week, Moyers interviewed Chuck Spinney, a Pentagon insider, on how our military money is spent. Egads. While I just don’t understand how Mr. Spinney was able to stay employed at the Pentagon for as long as he did, I’m heartened to know that people like him are out there. And, for goodness sakes, check out their site this week because it's packed with great stuff.

For a new public policy organization called the Public Trust Partnership.Their mission: to keep tabs on ALEC. Thanks to the inimitable The Hamster for this link (and Happy Birthday!).

For this piece written by Steve Gilliard in DailyKos.

For this update about the incredible response to the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market incident, written by Laura Avery, the manager of the Wednesday market, in the Santa Monica Mirror.