Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Brownstein in his LA Times column writes about why liberals are online. My first thought ran along the lines that maybe liberals are online because Clear Channel dominates the radio station market. He does make this most important point: recent events (Dean fundraising/Moveon.org primary, etc.) demonstrate that the Net has developed into a serious communication medium for mobilizing the "liberal" (I prefer progressive) population. However, to compare the Net and Limbaugh is just not an equitable comparison. Limbaugh (and others) appear to whet the limbic portion of his listeners' brain, providing needed solace to those who need bad objects to project against in the guise of entertainment. While the Net does provide relief in the form of rants and raves, the web's appeal lies more in satisfying frontal cortex demands, important attractions that the current talk radio environment rarely provides such as intellectual analyses and informational downloads.