Sunday, June 15, 2003

On Our Illusions of Separation: Humans and Cetaceans

I hate reading about how we’re impacting our environment because I feel so helpless about what to do. Here, the BBC reports on how cetaceans are closer to extinction. A related AP report shows one horrible way how this is happening. I’d like to find out what the average individual can do to stop this. It is easy to sense the separation between us and other species(as well as between each and every individual). What is more difficult to understand is how this sense of separation manifests as an illusion. Our larger lesson both collectively as a species on this beautiful planet as well as individually, resides in how we treat each other (is it with respect or do we choose to terrorize) and how we take responsibility for our actions and the consequences of our actions. Note: From the AP wires
    "… The International Whaling Commission voted Monday to improve efforts to protect whales, adopting a measure aimed at "strengthening the conservation agenda" over the objections of Japan and other pro-whaling nations... The 31-page proposal, dubbed the Berlin Initiative, calls for forming a committee within the 50-nation IWC to work with wildlife groups and bolster efforts to protect the marine mammals..."