Friday, June 13, 2003

On Bill Moyers

I know that everyone who is a lefty/progressive/liberal in bloggerdom knows about Bill Moyers’ amazing speech at Take Back America, but I’m posting it here for me. It falls in the "must read" category, especially in the context of understanding the historical perspective of the progressive movement. I'm hoping Mr. Moyers will be writing his memoirs because I would just LOVE to read it, especially about his days with LBJ and maybe even why he does the great passionate work that he does. Why does he feel so passionately about fairness, democracy, and equality? Why did he make the decision to become the person he is, given his Southern upbringing? (He asked something like this of Isabel Allende on tonight's show). Now that this is slowly turning into an unofficial Bill Moyers fan site, short of that memoir here are a few links:
  • Bill Moyers interview in Salon (requires subscription/day pass) by Andrew O’Hehir: What is notable (and rare) is that he is the interviewee not the interviewer. He dwells a bit on his Southern background as the genesis of his work.

  • This April 2003 commentary on NOW ending with my favorite lines:"...Illegal? Not in our system. Unsavory? No matter how you slice it. But the main point is this. America's corporate and political elites now form a regime of their own, and they are privatizing democracy. All the benefits — the tax cuts, policies, and rewards — flow in one direction: up. And the people Jeff Madrick talked about, whose faith in the fairness of the American way of life is the bulwark of our country, are left outside looking in."

  • Harry Middleton Lecture, January 2002, Speech at the LBJ Library
  • Alternet article on the censorship of his program NOW. This was a year ago: what is going on now?
  • Lucid cafe'sbio

  • Last but not least, here is the Website for his program NOW.Remember: 9PM Fridays on PBS