Thursday, November 16, 2006

CA: Bersin leaves his education post in Sacramento

I read this morning that Alan Bersin, appointed by Gov. Schwarzenegger to be his Secretary of Education, is leaving to go back to San Diego, accepting a position on an airport authority board.

I've written about Alan Bersin, namely his support of Prop. 76, the proposition which would have really hurt CA public schools if passed last year. Previous to that, he had been a contentious superintendent of San Diego schools, being the type of 'reformer' that both the DLC and the Republicans seem to be appreciate well.

I'd love to know why he's leaving Sacramento and education. UPDATE: The LATimes spins this as a resignation related to a postelection revamp.
Two of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's prominent aides are leaving the administration, the first in what is expected to be a string of departures as the governor, following his reelection victory last week, retools his staff.

Schwarzenegger aides confirmed Wednesday that Alan D. Bersin, the governor's education advisor, is stepping down, as is Richard Costigan, a senior aide in charge of pushing the governor's agenda through the Legislature.