Monday, August 01, 2005

Dear Gov. Schwarzenegger...

Jo at Spanglemonkey writes a very fine letter to our bully of a governor.
I am a mother of two elementary-school aged children. I spend an inordinate amount of time and energy participating in my children’s public education. I’m not the most active person at my childrens’ schools, nor the least. Nevertheless, I spend a huge amount of my time helping at the schools, in many different capacities. I am not alone.

We, the parents who participate in this protest, intend to bill you for our time, Governor Schwartzenegger. You will hear from us in June. Be prepared.

It is a commonly held belief that there is no money for education. This is because tax money is not being raised for this pillar of our society, and it is sad, and it is wrong. Our children deserve at least the education we received as children. At least. In protest of the fact that our politicians are not willing to pass legislation that makes everyone pay his or her fair share, we intend to keep a record of the time and energy the parents of my daughter’s schools contribute.

Parents now have considerable experience at fundraising, not because we were trained at doing non-profit work, or because we are fabulously wealthy and are invited to expensive $1000/plate dinners; no, it is because we have children in public elementary school. We labor long hours in whatever way we can, out of love for them, and also love of the other children in the school district. We do it because it must be done, and children are the future of our country, all children, rich and poor.

Know this, however; we resent every minute we contribute to the school that goes unnoticed by the powerful men and women in the legislature. Fundraising and educational support in many capacities, constitute another full-time job for most of the mothers (and many of the fathers) I know. It is sad, and wrong. Our labor is valuable, and is unpaid. The schools lack nurses, psychologists, gym teachers, art teachers, administrative assistants, custodians, music teachers, librarians, and so many more positions. It’s all been cut. There is nothing left to cut.

Our children deserve so much more.
Her new blog, Billable Hours, will hopefully send a nice fat bill to him in June.

PS: This would be a great letter to send around (please give full credit to Jo at Spanglemonkey) and as inspiration for your letter to your local representatives.

State Senator
State Assemblyperson

They need to know you support their efforts to oppose the right-wing Schwarzenegger agenda.