Sunday, August 07, 2005

Clare Luper: activist role-model for all of us

I found this interview with long-time activist Clare Luper in Oklahoma to be inspiring.

Luper offers her outside-the-beltway thoughts and advice on activism. Gosh, is there any chance the DCCC will listen? For example,
Why did John Kerry fail to win one county here?

John Kerry didn't come to Oklahoma and connect with the right people. He was not able to get his message out. I voted for him and I think he got most of his votes from the east side of Oklahoma City. The east side is predominantly black.

What can politicians do to get more blacks to vote?

We've got to get them registered and to the polls. A lot of them are still afraid to vote.

What advice would you give to the Democratic party?

I think they should make use of the black media. I'm on the radio. I work for KTLV. We couldn't get Kerry's group to spend any money in the black community. We have black newspapers and black radio programs. They've got to become involved because the day is over when you can have a barbeque and ask people to come out and vote.
On the other hand, I’m well aware I have been a most reluctant activist. I’m naturally an introvert; I need to recharge my batteries by a dose of solitude.

For that reason, I’ve found internet activism to be one path of involvement. For that matter, in this last year, I've come to rely on eRobin at Factesque for the latest.

If you are so inspired, here’s something important you can do. Every bit makes a difference.