Monday, January 10, 2005

The weather out there was frightful

Made it home safely, after driving through the Sierra Nevadas in the middle of the biggest freaking blizzard to hit since 1916. Needless to say, I did not support leaving on the worst day of the storm, and I wondered if this compelling urge to go out into the wilderness is part of some sort of sex-linked stress-activated genetic trait.

Thank goodness nothing horrible happened. Did you know that cable chains suck big time? Two sets broke on us but fortunately each time we were near workers out there to assist (foolish and stupid) travelers.

Besides, we were lucky to find a place to stay, albeit kinda funky, when it turned out that Donner Pass off the I-80 was closed due to hurricane force gales. Can you tell I felt simpatico with the Donner party of long ago, making note that this type of risky behavior doesn't always pay off.

While we're now in the middle of some kind of deluge in Southern California, I'm still very glad to be back home.