Wednesday, January 12, 2005

They're trying to salvage NCLB's image

With Armstrong Williams’ fateful indecent exposure, even the wingnuts are flying high on his case.

So it goes that I see Freedman at the NYT trying to salvage NCLB’s image although he's careful to keep his distance from Williams.

And, chiming in is the DLC, the corporate wing of the Democratic party.

Time again to remind people when you hear talk about bipartisan support for NCLB, it comes from the DLC Dems, the corporate influence embedded within our party.

Once you get past the smoke and mirrors, deep down underneath is the reality that we have a very flawed piece of legislation designed to kill public education. The words, achievement and accountability, are merely face-dressing, and they work as booby-traps.

It's all well and good to want achievement and accountability. I want it as well. But NCLB gives a bad name to 'reform' beause this 'reform' does not help the public: kids, parents, teachers and schools.