Tuesday, January 11, 2005

No shit

From NSBA's blog, I find a link to Armstrong Williams' latest column in Townhall.

What is most revealing in his apology is how he views NCLB:
The ad was to promote The Department of Education’s “No Child Left Behind” plan. I have long felt that school vouchers hold the greatest promise of ending the racial education gap in this country. We need to hold schools accountable for their failures and create incentives to change. That is why I have vigorously supported school vouchers for the past decade—in print, on TV, during media appearances and in lectures. I believe that school vouchers represent the greatest chance of stimulating hope for young, inner city school children—often of color. In fact, I am a board member of Black Americans for Educational Options (BAEO), because I feel that school choice plans hold the promise of a new civil rights movement.


Please know that I supported school vouchers long before the Department of Education ran a single ad on my TV Show. I did not change my views just because my PR firm was receiving paid advertising promoting the No Child Left Behind Act.
Straight from a conservative pundit, you get the real agenda of NCLB, which I would summarize as:

supporting NCLB= supporting school vouchers.