Sunday, January 16, 2005

Thanks for putting our kids first, Arnold

In response to the coming school fiscal crisis deliberately inflicted by our wonderful movie-star governor, our district superintendent froze all spending .

Going back to this quote made by Arnold when he was campaigning for office:
Question: Will you have to cut education?

Schwarzenegger: No. We can fix this mess without hurting the schools. For me, children come first. Always have, always will.
Pulling out my decoder ring, I say this is the proper translation: kids are first (on the cutting block) when you have to fix the mess.

While I hope his latest actions will be enough to knock the public, at least in California, out of their collective cognitive dissonance, I fear that's a big maybe so far. We're in a strange news blackout here in Southern California. What the hell happened to the LAT on this?

Whatever he's doing, he's messing with our kids. I suspect he wants some sort of concession.

Already, he's dangling as a carrot the lifting of term limits but I suspect he wants something else as well.