Sunday, October 10, 2004

Could it be BushCo might be a tad worried after that last debate?

Just thought I'd point out that our Attorney General popped up in the swing state of Missouri post-debate. Certainly seems one way to reassure the base since he showed up at Evangel University to talk about the education of spirit.
Freedom requires truth. And the search for truth must include a focus on mind, body and spirit.

That was the message U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft delivered Saturday night at the homecoming banquet of Evangel University.

The college plays a role, he said, by making spirituality a central part of educating students and future leaders.

"The spirit of education must include the education of the spirit," Ashcroft said, quoting his father, J. Robert Ashcroft. The elder Ashcroft served as president of the Assemblies of God-affiliated school from 1958-74.
Loaded with code.