Sunday, October 10, 2004

The passion of the Dubya

As media pundit spin dies down from the second presidential debate, I couldn't help wondering why we're not hearing more about the thing that ties his performance together from the two debates.

I want to hear more about Dubya's impulse control issues, a singular factor contributing to his behavior in both debates. In the first, the interruptions, talk-overs, and his facial reactions really impressed me. The guy simply could not control himself.

And in the second, he was able to subdue his facial reactions, good for him, but, man, it came at a price. We've all noted the high point of his belligerence when he talked over Mr. Gibson, the moderator. Whoa, baby, I do not relish the thought Dubya is the president of the most powerful country in the world.

And yelling certainly contributed to the sense that our president is really quite the rude dude.

So let's not mistake his passion for anything else. No matter how hard his handlers try, there's no getting around in these debates that he's got a major problem controlling his impulses.

And my bet is, it'll certainly come up, probably in a different form, in debate number three.