Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Education platform

Brief summary, as found in the LA Times:

Summary: Seeks tax credits for college tuition. Supports public school choice, in which families can elect which local school their child attends, as opposed to providing vouchers that can be used to pay private-school costs. Also favors charter schools, the Head Start program and professional development for teachers.

Excerpt: "We believe providing [educational] resources without reform is a waste of money, and reform without resources is a waste of time."
Here I go again, off-message as usual, but this sounds as though it comes straight from the bowels of the so-called centrist Dem's policy people. Time for high colonics if you ask me but I'm going to be patient (and hold my nose regarding the ed policy). Good thing we have news of this impulse in the NYT. It's long but worth your time if you're not in sync with this faction.