Saturday, July 03, 2004

My other obsession

This blog thing came out of the blue for me but it was a natural fit in retrospect: overeducated bored out of mind info junkie mom. While not an English major, like most in my bookclub, I've kept my nose in a book ever since I taught myself how to read, eons ago. Our bookclub had a quick discussion on where we all read: do you read while walking, read while eating type thing. I read in the laundry room. No one bothers me there, and I can be right there when the washing machine ends.

Knitting, however, predated my blog. Knitting was my prefered form of meditation. Besides, I could knit while I read, while I watch TV, in the car while in the driver's side, of course, while waiting for my youngun taking extracurricular activities. Back then, I used to dream about what to knit: colorful felted knitted bags were my specialty. But lately, I've been dreaming again, this time about shawls, capes, and ponchos for some strange reason. It's not even shawl weather but I've been thinking about lacy airy things that hang off the shoulders. I've started searching for patterns on the web. Funny, why do knitters and baseball fans gravitate to blogging?

Where is the time to do all I want: even if we were independently wealthy, it wouldn't solve my problem of not enough hours in the day to do all I want.