Monday, June 28, 2004

Number 2

Case of BSE, that is. It certainly seems we've got case number 2. But the USDA guy is giving me the creeps with statements like these.
But Clifford stated repeatedly that “it’s very likely this animal could be negative". He stressed that the BioRad test used was “designed to be extremely sensitive” to catch any possibly infected animal, some of which “will end up negative during further testing”.

Asked the odds of the result being a false positive, Clifford said “we wouldn’t want to provide that type of information”. But the rate of false positives was measured by the European Commission when it tested the BioRad procedure before it was approved for use in the EU in 1999.

Those data have never been published, but industry sources who have seen them say the BioRad test had a false positive rate of about one in a thousand initial tests, a rate borne out subsequently in practical experience. BioRad is used in Germany and Belgium.
Without any doubt, the brainwashed masses who watch Faux news will believe him.