Thursday, July 01, 2004

I thought I was on the Do Not Call list

I've gotten two annoying calls from the Dove Foundation today. The guy on the phone sounds amazingly real-time but the whole thing turns out to be a computer-assisted type deal. When I responded to the caller by saying you sound really strange, the thing responded with a recording of the man laughing which started the whole spiel over again. Creepy. When I said I was against the Judeo-Christian basis for the foundation, the program hung up on me.

Quickly looking them up on the web:

Richard K. Rolfe - Chairman
Dar Vander Ark - Secretary/Treasurer


Robert Bratt - Producer, Consultant
William Dever - President, Spark Interactive Corp.
Dean Jones - Actor, Producer
Keith Lang - Marketing Director, Bible League
Janis Petrini - Co-owner, Express Personnel Services
Max Smith - CFO, RBC Ministries
C. Frederick Wehba - Chairman, Bentley Forbes Group
The purpose of the Foundation is to clean up the media but the Bible bent worries me. Next time they call, I'll tell them I'm against phone porn by Judeo-Christian foundations. Or maybe a few choice curse words ala our VP might be a wiser decision. Hey, if he can say them, why can't I? And I'll feel much better. But seriously, I don't trust these guys to be fair in cleaning up the media not one whit.

Update: A more thorough look at their site brings one amazing tidbit: they really like The Passion. A very nice family flick, eh?