Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Still Dean for me

I'm so bummed.

I did follow all the polls religiously until my eyes crossed, read that great Wash Post article on why polls suck big time in NH, and knew that Kerry had a huge lead, trend lines going his way.

I knew this was to be. What else could I say?

I'm still not budging on Dean. Call me stubborn. I don't care. It's more about what I believe he stands for and who he really is than whether he's going to be the winner, the electable one, or the one who's going to get that crew out of the WH.

Already, his stance has made a difference on the field. He's got the other guys taking his talking points about education, getting government back to people, and the horrible thing that we did to Iraq.

It boils down to this: I trust him more than the Beltway guys. That includes Kucinich because I sure didn't like what he did with Edwards in Iowa. And it gave Edwards a nicer bounce than real life.

So here goes a message for all of you who support Dean: Please don't even think of giving up. Don't even go there. Instead, remember what drew you to him and what he stands for and who he is. And remember what your values are, what you treasure, and what you want. If it doesn't match, go. It's still early. There's still hope.