Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Filibuster for overtime in DC or campaign in NH?

A crosspost from my comment to an interesting question posed by a dKos diarist:
    How will Kerry and Edwards help filibuster the omnibus spending bill tomorrow?
Good question because there's tons of federal money slated in that bill for NH.
    The massive omnibus spending bill that the Senate will take up next week includes hundreds of millions of dollars in special projects for New England states.
    But while the small state of New Hampshire would receive one of the highest totals based on population, reaping more than $204 per capita, Connecticut ranks near the bottom, getting barely $18 per person in the $373 billion measure.
Their Senator, Judd Gregg on the Appropriations Committee, wants to bring a few(pork barrel) projects home. I don’t really have a feel for the ‘person on the street’ reaction but still, I’m curious how Kerry and Edwards would handle it. My guess is that it'll be a nonissue especially with that upcoming SOTU address.