Tuesday, January 20, 2004


Check out my favorite cowboy's thoughts on Iowa.

A few more considerations...

Edwards: Comparing Edwards from April 2003 to now: my goodness, what a world of difference in his speeches. What happened? Funny, he's sounding more like Dean but he presents himself wa-a-ay better. It doesn't matter to me but I think it did matter to the uncommitted in Iowa. I think this would be a factor in NH as well.

Kerry: Edwards bests Kerry in the speech department but Kerry was also on fire in Iowa. I dislike focusing on the stump speech but when you've got such a large group of undecideds, the stump speech sells more than anything. This will be a big factor in NH. Another thing of note is this fascinating article on a new addition to Kerry's staff, Michael Whouley. Of note: Michale Whouley has successfully traversed Iowa and NH for Gore.

Dean: I hate to say this, as a Dean supporter, but his speeches were better in April 2003 than in January. Dropping his front runner status may be an advantage, considering the amount of buckshot he endured. Another unknown that impacted the race, as will be the case in NH, involves the role of the conservative talk shows: who are they bashing, what talking points are they following, and so on. In Iowa, I could be wrong because I can't stomach hearing them for long, but Dean and Clark were the top two pincushions, especially on the day of the caucus when so many were still undecided. Talk radio is damn powerful these days.