Monday, December 15, 2003

My Chicken Soup Recipe

The entire household is down with one form of virus or another. I have made three pots of chicken soup this week. And on Saturday when the big news hit, I was so ill I literally could not even get to a computer terminal. And I didn't care. Somehow, the news filtered through somehow. My mind is too fogged to comment but I can still make my chicken soup. It's really very simple.

Here it is:

Ingredients: I prefer organic locally grown produce

1 4-5 lb chicken ( I prefer free-range, non antibiotic-laden, organically fed poultry)
6 carrot sticks
1 onion
8 potatoes
Corn (I use frozen organic)
Salt (prefer sea-salt)

The first step is my own little thing. I say thanks to the chicken before I begin making the soup. It just feels like the right thing to do.

To prepare the chicken, cut off all bits of skin and fat. Rinse well.

Add it to a large stock pot of purified drinking water.
Peel the onion. Cut into bite-sized chunks.
Peel the well-scrubbed carrots. Cut into 1/2 inch chunks. Add to the pot.

Bring to a boil, then lower the heat so that the pot is at a lazy simmer. Let this go for at least one hour. Skim off the foam now and then.

Scrub the potatoes well. Cut into bite size chunks. Add to pot and cook for at least one hour.

Fish out the chicken. Separate the meat from the bones. Set aside.

Before serving, I usually add enough broth and meat for one meal into another pot, add the corn, and heat for a few minutes. Add salt to taste.

Variation for kids:

Ladle out enough broth to cook angel-hair pasta. Cook angel-hair pasta per instructions until just done. Add meat, potatoes, carrots, and corn. Salt to taste. Heat until corn is cooked.

If you have time and you can make the soup a day ahead, I like to store the broth in the fridge over night and then skim the fat off.

In any case, be sure to store your soup and chicken in the fridge ASAP. (You can skim the fat off the broth the next day). It should be good for a few days, although it doesn't last that long in our household. The broth can also be frozen.