Monday, December 08, 2003

Honest. I really wasn't going to say much about the Gore endorsement. But here it is. I'm glad to see it simply because most of the people I know don't know much about the Democratic candidates. Really and truly. The Gore endorsement will help get the word out for Dean. Still, I'm not so worried about the primaries. I'm confidant of a Dean win, short of a catastrophe natural or otherwise.

I'm looking ahead to the Presidential race. It won't be easy. So anything now helps for that race.

Two things of note: I wasn't too surprised by Gore. It seemed to be his natural trajectory, after seeing this excerpt of an excellent article analysed by dKos:
    As the party's split into Deaniacs and anti-Dean Clintonites unfolds, one of the most intriguing subplots concerns the machinations of Gore. Immediately after the Florida recount was decided in 2000, Gore's senior aides were purged from the DNC and Clinton's were installed. Some ex-Gore staffers are still bitter about the coup, and several express admiration for what Dean is doing.
My sense is that a lot of this is about power in the Democratic party and the DLC. Gore's actions speak loads about his connection to the DLC. I doubt that the DLC ruling class will concede at all to Dean before the primaries though I do think that the Dean group will make nice with the DLC at some point. How much of a sell-out will it be: who knows?

Second thing: the non-blogging husband immediately went to CBS news online for his news. He refuses to visit dKos, the coolest blog of all for political news/spin/insight, for some reason. Of course, being the information maven that I am, I also went to CBS news online to see what was on there, only to be horrified to see no mention about blogs: no links, no nothing. They have this pretty little slide show on the Dean people. And, funny, there's no mention of Zephyr Teachout, Trippi, and Mathew Gross. Is this on purpose or what?