Friday, July 27, 2007

Again, LA Times Fails the Public in Their Report about Dubya's Speech to ALEC

Once again, the LA Times fails the public by not providing the big picture context of Bush's rah rah talk in front of ALEC this month, by playing down the very very right-wing agenda of the organization Dubya spoke to this month, and by using language developed by the right-wing for propaganda.

ALEC is the Grover Norquist spawned group organized to put Norquist's anti-tax agenda in every state in the nation. ALEC turns out to be one of the back door ways corporate money gets their (bought and paid for) legislators to carry their legislation and agenda back to the states. How it all works is very clever. Here is Mother Jones on ALEC.

Instead, take a look at the type of language we see here in Los Angeles in the subject heading: "Speaking to state legislators, he uses blunt language in referring to Democratic opposition to extending his cuts" and "Before budget fight, Bush puts up his fists on taxes".

Getting suspicious, I kept reading. Paragraph 1 is notable for the use of language developed by the right-wing: see "Republicans seeking to protect Americans' wallet". I note pathetically more info in paragraph 2: the LA Times reveals it to be an "organization of conservative state legislators", a statement I suspect will be completely underwhelming. I go all the way to paragraph four to find out that Dubya was indeed giving a speech to ALEC.

There is no mention of the history of ALEC nor is there any mention of Norquist, his agenda, and how it's done. Pathetic and scary. No wonder we have a poorly educated voting public.