Wednesday, May 10, 2006

CA: Will Gov. Schwarzenegger really pay back the schools the right way?

My second grader plays this game called Fortunately/Unfortunately. So, er, unfortunately, I seem to think of this game whenevever I see a blockbustery statement emanating from Governor Schwarzenegger.

Fortunately: Gov. Schwarzenegger has recovered from his memory lapse and now says he wants to pay back the money he borrowed from the schools when times were bad. Remember he tried to wriggle out of this by saying he never promised to pay this back. Details in the fine print, I think it was.

Unfortunately: it's the details or lack of. Where are they? Not in the LA Times. Ummmm, ya think there might be strings or restrictions? Will it be the full amount and will it go to where it was supposed to go in the first place?

Fortunately: I think it'll be harder for him to back out of this deal.

Unfortunately: this sure might make him look better to the average voter. Think this is about trying to get re-elected in November?

Let's hope that CA voters in November will remember how we can't trust this guy.