Friday, May 19, 2006

CA: Grab your LA Weekly to get your weekly political gossip

While taking the kids to the local pizza parlor for playdate snacks, I grabbed this week's LA Weekly to read while waiting for my eggplant parmagiana. For those who aren't local, the LA Weekly is one of our alternative rags.

I was dismayed to see backstabbing gossip, of the ugly and nasty flavor, related to our gubernatorial race and to the local 41st assembly race. My sense is that these articles were meant to persuade undecideds, like me, to vote a certain way.

One was a Westly hit piece. While I'm certainly not a Westly fan (and I'll quickly add I'm not an Angelides fan either), this piece just seemed too too cruel, below the belt, and unfair.

This second piece bashes two candidates in the 41st assemblyperson race and turns one into a saint. Geeez, I wonder who's behind this article. (For the record, I haven't yet decided on anyone yet).

Sorry, folks, this is terrible stuff passing as journalism. It feels like being in high school again.