Monday, October 03, 2005

Parent power one reason why Bennett resigned from K12

After a bit of sleuthing (man, those diaries fly over at dkos!), I finally spied a dkos diary providing more background on William Bennett's quick exit from K12.

Raw Story:
Philadelphia Daily News reported on Saturday that "Philadelphia parents and education activists are demanding that the city school district end the $3 million contract it awarded in April to K12 Inc." Bennett serves as the chairman on the Board of Directors for the Washington-based education company

From (reg. required) : Parents want to abort Bennett's $3M pact

Fantastic job, Philly parents, though I don't know what the outcome was.

And while I think 3 million is just from one district, I think the idea of parents raising a stink in other states was simply unpalatable to K12, and so it was a buh-bye to Bennett.

Which brings me to this thought: wouldn't it be really nice if parents in other states demand the same? We could have our very own 50 state strategy.

So first you find out from your local school district whether you've got a K12 entity sucking up public funds. Googling might help.

Then you organize the parents. Get on board the agenda of School Board meetings. Get a petition going. Demand K12 to be dumped. Be sure to invite the press.

Anything else on the to-do list?