Saturday, August 20, 2005

Friday Shave Ice Blogging

Hey, it's not yet midnight over here in Hawai'i so I'll still post.

It's been just a little bit too hot for chocolate which means I've been pigging out daily on shave ice. That's right; leave off that 'd' cuz that's how it's spelled. (Oh, and when you visit, I know you will be nice to the locals. I've been so embarrassed by the horrible behavior of the turistas).

Shave ice is way better than sno-cone and an absolute requirement if you visit any of the islands. It's ice shaved into a very fine powder, then topped with syrup. Choices have been awesome, ranging from passionfruit to pineapple to the very generic orange and cherry. As for calories and nutritional value, well, let's not go there.

Lihing mui together with mango has been my favorite but it seems the kid likes rainbow.

Big Kahuna says the same so I must be right.

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