Monday, August 29, 2005

CA:Why we must vote No on Prop. 77

It seems necessary, unfortunately, to translate the intiatives endorsed by the conservatives into plain language.The best translation so far on Prop. 77 is on dkos. Please continue reading the rest there.
Did you really think Arnold Schwarzenegger was pushing a mid-decade redistricting in California out of the goodness of his heart?

Make no mistake about it, redistricting is nothing more than a power struggle. It's about who has power, who wants power, and who is going to do whatever it takes to get power.

Arnold's redistricting plan is aimed squarely at keeping the GOP in control of Congress for decades to come.


Schwarzenegger disguises his initiative as a plan to take politics out of redistricting, but in reality, it is cleverly designed to draw neat, compact districts that pack Democrats into heavily Democratic seats. This strategy leaves the remaining seats stacked in favor of Republicans.