Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Oct. 6th Zogby interactive poll results

Nice. Improvement for Kerry following his first debate performance.

States Kerry carries outside of MoE (Sept. 20th in parenthesis):

New Mexico 11.4% (12.7%)
Oregon 10.1% (12.0%)
Washington 9.9% (8.7%)
Michigan 9.7% (6.0%)
Minnesota 8.3% (9.7%)
Pennsylvania 5.4% (3.1%, within MoE last time)

Pennsylvania moves up a category, joining the solid Kerry states.

States Kerry carries within MoE:

Iowa 6.6% (3.0%)
New Hampshire 6.6% (3.6%)
Wisconsin 2.5% (last time, in the Bush column but within MoE 2.4%)
Nevada 1.0% (last time, in the Bush column but within MoE 2.2%)
Florida 0.4% (0.5%)
Ohio 0.3% (last time, in the Bush column but within MoE 3.3%)
Arkansas 0.2% (0.1%)

Kerry gains three states, Wisconsin, Nevada and Ohio. Keep in mind he carries all of these within margin of error. Close races, all.

States Dubya carries outside of MoE:

none (he loses West Virginia, last time 12.4% outside of MoE)

States Dubya carries within MoE:

West Virginia 6.1% (last time 12.4%, outside of MoE)
Missouri 2.2% (last time 5.4%, within MoE)
Tennessee 0.9% (5.5%, within MoE)