Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Debriefing from the VP debate

I know others will have much more to say on the VP debates. I can only report that my kid took one look at Darth, er, Cheney during the debate and remarked: "Mom, that man looks mean".

Getting past the nonsingular observation that Cheney exudes evil with each breath ( and it did take me awhile to get over that), I thought it was curious to see Cheney ignore the question on jobs. Instead, he focuses on the putative NCLB talking points nearly everyone has swallowed whole: accountability, standards, testing, the whole shpiel.

Smart for Edwards to point out how Cheney was trying to quickly slip by that question.

And I thought Edwards did fine. He stuck with his populist message, the one about the two Americas, although I've noticed he's gotten much more subtle about getting it out.

Expectations were so low for Cheney, I wondered if we'd see his heart paddle people standing behind him in the background all set to restart his heart.

On the whole, this was a classic Rorshach debate. Ask anyone who won; it'll be more about their ideology than anything else since both did well staying on message more gracefully than Dubya in the last debate.

And Edwards brought out his oh-so-cute kids, smart man. Of course you'd want your kids to see their father in his most important debate ever. And I do agree with what eRobin said, at the very end of her live-blogging debate post. Well done, eRobin.