Monday, July 26, 2004

Interrupting my radio silence...

Problems with the router meant no posting. Have been off-line this weekend but the problem has been resolved, whatever that means. I was even thinking about dragging me and the kid over to the library today so I could get at least get an explanatory post up. Am I nuts or what?

Truth be known, I'm more excited about bloggers being at the convention than the convention itself. I'm hoping the media doesn't turn negative on them, which Jay Rosen predicts may happen in a succeeding news cycle.

Our forte, as bloggers, is analysis of words and events, from afar. Bloggers being live, in person, is a new thing. Will bloggers adapt? I think so. I remember the Santa Monica Farmers Market disaster locally. We have a personal and fresh take to words, ideas and events that journalism, as an entity, can't match.

The most important thing is that bloggers are being taken seriously, or as seriously as the media can handle it. We are a threat to the status quo, and they know it, as can be seen by all the snide ways bloggers have been characterized.

Time for them to get used to competition; maybe it'll help the state of journalism as it is now.

My day is busy; I'll be online tonight, after everything is over.