Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Dean to speak at the DNC convention

Just got an email from Tom MacMahon, executive director of Democracy for America.
On Tuesday night next week, Governor Dean will speak in primetime to the Democratic National Convention in Boston. And immediately after his speech he will be talking to you.

The Governor is scheduled to speak on Tuesday night. Immediately after his remarks to a packed house at the Fleet Center and Americans watching at home, he will speak directly to Democracy for America supporters.

After you watch the speech, head straight for your computer and

You will be able to listen live on our web site as the Governor makes special remarks to supporters and takes questions from Dean Dozen candidates and grassroots leaders on a nationwide conference call.
I don't see specific info about the time Dean is speaking and whether it'll be televised. Count me relieved to see Dean is getting a chance to speak after all.