Tuesday, July 20, 2004

New book by Susan Ohanian

Here's another book I need to get. It's called Why is Corporate America Bashing Our Schools?.
Available at www.heinemann.com.
Where exactly did high-stakes testing come from anyway? Neither parents, teachers, administrators, nor school boards demanded it, and now many communities feel powerless to reverse its appalling effect on our schools.
Hot on the heels of the testing masterminds and peeling back layer upon layer of documentation, Kathy Emery and Susan Ohanian found a familiar scent at the end of the paper trail. Corporate money. CEOs and American big business have blanketed United States public education officials with their influence and, as Emery and Ohanian prove, their fifteen year drive to undemocratize public education has yielded a many-tentacled private-public monster.
With stunning clarity and meticulous research, Emery and Ohanian take you on a tour of board rooms, rightist think tanks, nonprofit "concerned citizens groups," and governmental agencies to expose the real story of how current education reform arose, how its deceptive rhetoric belies its goals, and the true nature of its polarizing and disenfranchising mission.
Why is corporate America bashing our schools? Because it's in their interests&mdahs;not yours. What can you do to promote your best educational interests? Read this exposé and get ready to dismantle the education-reform machine.