Sunday, May 30, 2004

Looking around...

Glad to see Kimberly of Brief Intelligence and a buddha's meme back blogging. I missed them both. I feel much better now.

Tim Wise is fearless. He first got my attention with this provocative article in Alternet. His new blog, discusses race, racism, and other social issues.

Cyndy at mousemusings has compiled an excellent set of links on Dubya's religious connection. Go read.

At the agonist, I see another addition to the Dubya religious connection: this interview in Christianity Today. Couple of things pop out. Can Dubya get more candid than this? Wow. This article is truly a find.
    Bush Calls for 'Culture Change'
    In interview, President says new era of responsibility should replace 'feel-good.'

    President George W. Bush, in a rare on-the-record session with religion editors and writers on Wednesday, said his job as president is to "change cultures."

    In wide-ranging comments inside the Roosevelt Room, Bush spoke passionately about his resolve to establish a free Iraq, his desire to promote cultural change in the United States through his faith-based initiative, and his belief in the power of prayer. Appearing relaxed and self-assured, the President also reaffirmed his support for a Federal Marriage Amendment, urging the American people to become more involved.

    Taking a firm line on the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal, Bush said that while he was sorry for those who had been humiliated, and has said so publicly, "I never apologized to the Arab world."
So if you had any question about whether he apologized or not, he clearly states he didn't apologize. And if you had any doubts about his goals, here is more information.
    At home, the job of a president is to help cultures change. The culture needs to be changed. I call it, so people can understand what I'm talking about, changing the culture from one that says, "If it feels good, do it, and if you've got a problem, blame somebody else," to a culture in which each of us understands we're responsible for the decisions we make in life. I call it the responsibility era. … I said that when I was governor of Texas. As a matter of fact, I've been saying that ever since I got into politics. This is one of the reasons I got into politics in the first place. Governments cannot change culture alone. I want you to know I understand that. But I can be a voice of cultural change.
There's more.

Finally, we hear that tell-all book by Kitty Kelley with Sharon Bush will be coming out 6 weeks before the November election. Sweet. But I wouldn't be surprised if the book gets held up for publication.