Friday, June 25, 2004

CA higher ed inequities

Gropinator posts an article about how our moviestar governor is shafting the poor when it comes to higher ed.
Hidden Taxes, Assaulting the Poor, and College

As the state budget deal gets secretly hammered out, it's beginning to dawn on Californians that Schwarzenegger is hoping to softly rape our public colleges - clearly a more ambitious date than his previous groping and nipple tweaking. The assault is starting to get some much deserved press.

Former State Supreme Court Justice Cruz Reynoso writes,

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's proposals to roll back the state's commitment to college access through cuts to enrollment, academic support programs and financial aid, while adding the burden of higher fees. Those proposals breach the promise made by the people of California 44 years ago, assuring college access to all who qualify.
The moviestar governor still evokes a disgusting swooning response from the inlaws. The faux movie hero image of him seems to be indelibly stamped in their brain. Scary. As long as he gets this type of unquestioning admiration, I think he'll do whatever he wants. It's clear to me his interests lie with the ruling class, not in the public interest. And when will Californians wake up and figure this out? My fear is if most of us don't get it, we'll get this movie star governor following Reagan's steps to national office.