Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Interesting omissions

Lots of info here but this article notably doesn't mention the newly hired lawyer so it couldn't mention the activist background of this lawyer. And it definitely doesn't mention the newest development: a redefinition of state law. However, I do see some interesting demographic information about Westminster.
    Once a bedroom community for predominantly white aerospace and industrial workers, Westminster has more than tripled in population, to more than 88,000, since its incorporation in 1957. Its demographics have also dramatically shifted: Nearly 40% of residents are of Asian descent, with the city's Little Saigon district boasting the largest concentration of Vietnamese in the United States. Politically, it remains conservative, with a plurality of voters registered Republican.

    The district, with 17 schools, serves 10,000 students in kindergarten through eighth grade
I don't know why but I noticed more articles in papers across the nation about this than in local papers. No doubt this is a hot topic; even the Republican relatives see this as an alarming development.