Sunday, March 28, 2004

A Raskolnikov moment

Cheers to you, Nevsky. I stole the Raskolnikov idea from you.

As a blogger, I'm usually way behind the 8-ball, primarily because of my off-line activities. (Family first but the husband who listens to too much Limbaugh would heartily disagree). So I have to wait until nightfall when I can review any programs, if I had the wherewithall to tape it.

Case in point: Meet The Press. Today.

All right. I know everyone else has blogged about this already. But here goes.

Two telling Richard Clarke quotes from today's show: "I have to get this off my chest"

And this: "I asked for their forgiveness".

He seems like a pretty tough guy, a warrior. I wouldn't want to face him in any meeting. But what comes through was a change in heart and a determination to walk through fire in order to get his truth out. He repeatedly noted that he knew his character would be assassinated, his professional work besmirched in order to fog the picture.

His point was this: that our fearless leader failed us and that he chose to focus on other things in the months preceding the September event. Not only that, our fearless leader and his tribe's decision to go after Iraq was a move that has made us more vulnerable to terrorism. From the MTP transcript:
    People on the taxpayers' rolls, dozens of people, are engaged in the campaign to destroy me, personally and professionally, because I had the temerity to suggest that the American people should consider whether or not the president had done a good job on the war on terrorism. The issue is not me. The issue is the president's job on the role on terrorism.

Raskolnikov in the end finds redemption and true love, despite going through a long prison sentence. I hope that Clarke and others who may be inspired to connect with their inner Raskolnikov find their redemption as well.