Friday, March 26, 2004

Much harder to get a college ed in CA

Sacramento-based LA Times column writer George Skelton speaks with State Librarian Kevin Starr about the recent difficulties in higher ed in CA. It's gotten a lot harder to get a college education.

No shortage of budget cuts for higher ed in California, under the guidance of our great movie-star governor. Higher ed has usually been protected a bit more in the past. Not any more. Both Skelton and Starr seem fine with it, given the budget constraints. 'Realistic' is what they call it.

I think a college age person or a parent with a college age kid probably sees this situation much differently. Fees are rising. Class sizes are getting larger. More kids are being funnelled into the community college system due to lack of money. What does a person do in this case? Grin and bear it? Doesn't look good.