Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Leprechaun traps

St. Patrick's Day is next week, I believe, and all the kindergarteners at our school have a major project due next week: making leprechaun traps.

The instructions encourage parental involvement, a family activity sort of thing. We've finished ours since this has apparently been an obsessive focus, at least with our kindergartener. And at this age, the questions are magnificent.

Why do we need to catch leprechauns? Cuz. We'll make them humane traps.

Don't they need food and water and a comfy place to sleep? Sure, if you want.

How big are they? Dunno. We'll find out.

What happens if we catch one? It's a catch and release program, I believe.

Are they related to fairies? Dunno. Let's ask them.

It continues on. And on. Everyday. They'll set their traps next Monday in class. We'll see if anyone catches a leprechaun.