Thursday, March 11, 2004

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

Now that the kindergartener has made a quantum leap into reading on her own, mostly Dr. Seuss, I've begun to read different books to her, the ones with fewer illustrations such as the Little House on the Prairie books.

It's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this week. What a blast since I haven't read this one for decades. I'm shocked I don't remember the details. How could I forget the deep chocolate waterfall in the candy forest? I've also forgotten how much of a page turner this book is especially as we read one chapter at a time. It's hard to stop. She can't wait for the next. Decades ago, I remember having a teacher read this book to us in class. Since this was long before the movie was made, the images I have about Charlie Bucket, Willie Wonka, and his chocolate factory still are with me today. I'm hoping that the kindergartener will also have her own images to carry with her, since she hasn't seen the video yet. I don't dispute that the movie was fine but I think that many times, the imagination does a much better job than any Hollywood flick.