Saturday, March 20, 2004

Belated thanks Bohemian Mama for her nice write-up. And the more progressive bloggers we have writing about public education, the better it is for all of us. Ms Frizzle for a link to this site. A warm welcome to Ms Frizzle fans: I've got a work-in-progress set of education links on my sidebar. Be sure to visit Susan Ohanian's site for many more NCLB articles. Rethinking Schools is my favorite site for progressive articles on public ed.

Hello to dKos diarists Manhattan Dan and maurinsky, both bloggers now. They both sport a list of dKos bloggers on their sidebar.

Belated thanks to iddybud for including me in her list of political women bloggers. Please bookmark her handy list of female bloggers. I know, I'm really late on this.

Thanks also to Colorado Luis and SK Bubba for including me on their blogroll. Since Colorado has become extremely interesting lately to say the least, Luis' site is on my 'must visit daily' list. And everyone already knows that SK Bubba should be on everyone's 'must visit daily' list already so enough said.