Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Worrying about education

This result runs along the well, gee, duh... category. Results from a new poll by the National PTA indicates that
    ... an overwhelming 93 percent of public school parents said that education will play a major role in their decision about which candidate to support in this election year.
    In a national telephone poll of 800 public school parents, more than half of the respondents (55 percent) ranked school funding as a top issue facing public schools today eclipsing both school safety and quality. Additionally, 85 percent of parents believe the federal government should provide more funding for education.
The National PTA hasn't taken a stand on NCLB at this point. Poll questions are indirect but this is certainly about attitudes towards NCLB. Being a fairly conservative organization, they may never take a stand against it but 93% is huge. And the result: you saw the news this week, along with lots of testiness in the air.