Monday, February 23, 2004

10th BSE Case in Japan

In a country testing 100% of their cows for BSE comes news of their 10th case of BSE. This is in Japan, who have been worried about BSE longer than the US, but also have terribly more proactive than us in trying to keep BSE out of their cows. Even more alarming to me is how far back they have to go to figure out possible sources of infection.
    "In a report on BSE compiled by a farm ministry panel in September last year, it was determined that cows born in the spring of 1996 had probably contracted the disease from meat-and-bone meal produced from infected cows before the manufacture of the feed was banned in October 2001.
    The panel said the tainted feed was either produced from cows imported live from Britain during the 1980s or feed imported from Italy before 1990."