Monday, February 09, 2004

Excuse me: It's about violence

The faux moon landing curdled my stomach. But I started getting nervous when the kindergartener began to demand what the erectile dysfunction ads were about. Uh, about love? Well, then why were they in separate bath tubs? Good question. I don't know, dear child. And how come they are on the roof in their tubs watching the sunset? Beats me. Cuz it's pretty. The questions came fast and furious. And since we missed the big Janet moment, the dad found it on the web. The kindergartener really didn't care because breast has been best in La Leche land but she wanted to know why the guy had to pull the tab. Now that wasn't very nice. Bingo. The child gets it. And that truly should be the real outrage amongst many others including trying to explain sexual dysfunction to a kindergartener. More links and better commentary than me by Trish Wilson.